What Does UCHENNA Do?

Uchenna Memorial International is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to donating money to build the first pediatric hospital in Nigeria. We also strive to providing Global Awareness of Sickle Cell Disease through Education, Treatment and Support Services.


I was born to Dr. O Denis and Adina Ekwerike at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, on the seventh day of February, 1994. I had an enviable smile due to my high cheek bone and well pronounced dimples. My curly hair and charming personality enhanced as well as radiated my handsomeness. I was a happy child and well loved by my family, relatives and friends.

I shared the same birth date with my big brother Ukachukwu (Uka), who was born four years before my arrival. My younger brother Kelechi (KC), was born when I was eighteen and half months old. We did not get much chance to hold each other or share brotherly games. I did not even see my little sister Udochi, because her arrival was after my time in this world.

My very young life abruptly ended on December 11,1995, from Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), complications.  Although my time on earth was very short, my death devastated everyone that I touched, especially my parents. My family have embarked on building a hospital that will provide modern western standard of care, utilizing modern medical technology and research in Nigeria for SCD children. Additionally, efforts are being made by my parents and friends to help make life easier for children who are suffering from SCD as well as helping researchers find a possible cure for the disease through the provision of many services that can be found on our website home page “Services” section.  A cure for SCD will keep my memory and  thousands of other victims alive.

Please keep my memory alive with your kind and generous charitable donations! To make your donation, please go to the top of this home page and click on Donate. You can also donate through The United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania – www.Unitedforimpact.org under Agency Code Number 46989. Account number 11-46989 is assigned to Uchenna Memorial International Sickle Cell Disease Education and Support Center, Inc., by the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Your support is very much appreciated.


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